Marathon Relay

The marathon relay follows the traditional marathon course, which begins in the ghost town of Marysville at 5,293 feet of elevation and descends into the rural Helena valley, before finishing up historic Last Chance Gulch. The relay features four distinct legs. Leg 1 (Gold Rush) begins with the marathoners just outside Marysville and descends roughly 1,000 vertical feet over the course of 6.1 miles. Leg 2 (Silver City High Roller) begins near the Silver City Saloon at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Birdseye road, and features rolling hills and a loss of 180 vertical feet over the course of 7 miles. Leg 3 (Iron Horse) begins at the start of the half marathon course, features a gradual decline and incline while twice crossing the railroad tracks and descending a net 350 vertical feet over 8 miles. Leg 4 (City Slicker) is the shortest leg at 5.1 miles, but also is the only one that features a net gain (300 feet), and takes runners from the intersection of Franklin Mine Road and Green Meadow Road into Helena and up Last Chance Gulch to the finish line.


  • Open Divisions (four runners required) Men’s (can include 1 woman) | Women’s | Coed (at least 2 women)
  • Master’s Divisions (four runners required, all runners age 40 and older) Men’s (can include 1 woman) | Women’s | Coed (at least 2 women)   

Registration Fee

$160/team – covers bus transport, tech t-shirt and award

Relay Breakdown

  • Leg 1: Gold Rush (6.1 miles) -1,000 feet
  • Leg 2: Silver City High Roller (7.0 miles) -180 feet
  • Leg 3: Iron Horse (8.0 miles) -350 feet
  • Leg 4: City Slicker (5.1 miles) +300 feet


  • Leg 1: Ride marathon bus to start (leaves from LC Library at 4:45 a.m.)
  • Leg 2: Drive personal car to Silver City with #4 runner (return to finish line using bus waiting at the second exchange zone; bus will leave when all Leg 2 runners finish or at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Leg 3: Ride marathon relay bus (leaves from LC Library at 5:45 a.m.)
  • Leg 4: Drive personal car with #1 runner from Leg 2 handoff to Green Meadow Christian Church on Franklin Mine/Green Meadow

How Does the Relay Exchange Work?

  1. #1 runner takes the bus to the Marathon start
  2. #2 runner travels with #4 runner to Silver City, exchanges a bracelet with runner #1 at the start of Birdseye Road.
  3. #3 runner rides the bus to the marathon relay bus to the start, exchanges a bracelet with runner #2. Bus will wait for runners of the second leg. Cut off time 2 hours, 30 minutes or at 8:30 a.m.
  4. #4 runner drives from Silver City with #1 runner and parks at the Green Meadow Christian Church on Franklin Mine Road; exchanges with #3 runner, who drives the car to the finish line with #1 runner.