Marathon Relay

The marathon relay will start at 6 a.m. and will follow the new marathon course from Jefferson City to Helena with exchange zones located conveniently to allow teams to easily navigate between exchange zones using a single vehicle.


  • Open Divisions (four runners required)
    • Men’s (can include 1 woman) | Women’s | Coed (at least 2 women)
  • Master’s Divisions (four runners required, all runners age 40 and older)
    • Men’s (can include 1 woman) | Women’s | Coed (at least 2 women)   

Registration Fee

$160/team – covers bus transport, tech t-shirt and award

Relay Breakdown

The marathon relay follows the same route as the marathon. Each team’s No. 1 runner will take a marathon bus to the start. All other runners will travel to the first exchange in Jefferson City using the team car (one car allowed per team). From that point, teams will shuttle runners to and from each exchange zone until they arrive at the finish. For safety reasons, team cars are required to travel between exchanges using Interstate 15, which runs adjacent to the course on Highway 282. Teams using Highway 282 will be disqualified. This will keep our runners safe and allow teams to arrive at each exchange zone in an efficient manner. Please use the interactive map below to become familiar with the course and individual legs.

    • Leg 1: Marathon start to Jefferson City (Runner must take marathon bus to the start)
      • About 8 miles, mostly gentle downhill with a moderate climb from miles 3 to 5.5
    • Leg 2: Jefferson City to Clancy
      • About 6 miles, gentle downhill with no hills
    • Leg 3: Clancy to Montana City
      • About 6 miles, rolling hills with two substantial climbs – one midway through the leg and the other toward the end
    • Leg 4: Montana City to Helena
      • About 7 miles, rolling his with two substantial climbs – on at the start of the leg and the second midway through mile 5

How Does the Relay Exchange Work?

Relay participants will pass a bracelet from one runner to the next to ensure only one team member is on the road at all times. Active runners are required to keep the bracelet on for the duration of their leg. One bracelet will be distributed to each team at packet pickup.